Management – it is convenience, universality, economic thinking

Mostly a lot of independent activities are needed to maintain the real estate. These activities (management, performing the owner’s obligations, technical maintenance, upkeep works) comprise a minimum set of activities, the performance of which must ensure and preserve the safety in using the object of maintenance. As a rule, the said complex activities are mediated services, the content and scope of which might not be too universal and which to a large extent depend on the specific nature of the object of maintenance and the wishes of its users (such as repair works, development, consumer services, support services). It is important to select the management model and organisation method (either performing these by yourself or outsourcing the respective services) necessary for securing the services.

Martland OÜ offers its help in the administration and maintenance of real estate, meaning that we, in cooperation with the property owner or possessor, help to preserve the property, ensure functioning of the utility systems and create added value that together build a good user environment.

Our provided services are based on three basic pillars: real estate administration service (known also as the Administrator service), management service of commercial and production buildings and manager’s service.

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